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  Ruke is the god given ability to man to change the form of an object.

Men became kings to bring order but man has a corrupt nature and a new chaos was created: war. Man grew in size and power. Then from legend gods appeared.  Great creatures that could take the form of man but when they decided to reveal themselves the world changed. The human race began to slowly fade away. Now there is only a few surviving human city's, welcome to the capital, welcome to Lazarus. A city that is surrounded by the great mountain Arthenon. In this city the kingdom's finest soldier, Mordecai, slept but even in a deep sleep, war and the past engulfed his mind. AS he dreamed Mordecai laid his hand firmly on his pupil’s shoulder and spoke affectionately towards Alexander.

" Alexander I have trained you, you have been like a son and friend to me but now you are like a younger  brother, full of energy and ready to surpass me, You will become this country's hope.”

A quiet but haunting voice, seems to whisper in Mordecai’s ear.

“Save him, why didn’t you save him.”

Mordecai’s vision blurs only to be reminded of the smell of the dead, the blood trickling down his sword, gasping for breath and having a numb body. He hears Alexander scream and turns towards him and see’s the young apprentice’s leg has been blown off, as the enemy closes in. Alexander yells.

“ leave me!!!”

With no hesitation the boy cut his own throat, for Mordecai this moment seemed to have lasted a lifetime. Within Mordecai a great sadness and anger began to brew deep in his soul.

Abruptly, Mordecai wakes up in a hot blanket of sweat, his soul stirred. He looks over at his sleeping wife, Rose and strokes her blond hair and whispers.

“ I must go see Solomon.”

Solomon was the king's brother and second in line to inherit the throne but this was not widely known. Solomon was considered an intellectual, and a civilian would only think of him as an adviser to the king, since he didn’t live in the palace but in a small house on the outskirts of town.  

The inside of Solomon’s house looked more like a library then a house. Scrolls covered the walls and desks. He would be in such intense thought, that even knocking at his door became pointless. So it became custom for Mordecai to let himself in. Today was no different as Mordecai walked into his house. Solomon looked up only for a second to see who graced his presence, then asked.

"Mordecai why have you come to see me so early? "

As he continued reading, Mordecai sat next to him.

"My friend I would like to ask you, do any rival you in your brilliance?"

Solomon looking up from his scroll and into Mordecai's eyes giving him his scarce attention.

"Of course not, what would you ask of me Mordecai?"

"This is not something I ask but the King and his people. Solomon, Only three years ago we were in a state of constant war, we have peace right now but it won’t last and you are the kingdom's greatest strategist all we would ask of you is to be prepared to protect this country.”

Solomon quickly and assertively responded.     

"Ask the impossible of me and it shall be done, after all who do you think I am. War will break out soon enough as you say but if I do you and the king this favor, please train the youth I have prepared for you Mordecai. I have personally hand selected all of them, the majority of them may only have basic military training but I think each of them have quite a bit of potential. Please take the scroll laying next to me, it has my assessment of each of them."

Mordecai took the scroll as his eyes wavered.

"My friend, do you think I still can train a great warrior?"

"That wasn't a question, you are a warrior and war is coming, you will train them as your duty; just as I will fulfill my duty you will fulfill yours for the people We both must do what we have to, in order to secure the future, so you will do this?"  

Mordicai turns to leave and whispers under his breath.

"Their death will not be on me."

As the door closes Solomon mumbled to himself.

"It never was to begin with you fool."

Mordecai approaches a palace beautifully crafted of gold and silver. It’s beauty did not rival the beauty of the previous dwelling of royalty before the war but still there was no question this was the residence of Haman Mirai the King of Lazarus. The king worked closely with a council but he was known to do many things behind their back. Solomon and Mordecai were normally the pawns whom the king used to accomplish his covert purposes. After Mordecai had entered the palace the royal guard brought him into the throne room as he knelt and bowed his head to the king.    

"My king I have came to bring good news, Solomon has begun preparations."

" What exactly are his plans?"

" I am unsure of what his plans are at this moment, my lord."

" Very well, raise your head Mordecai. Tell me, how have we survived thus far?."

" Because of the sacrifice of those willing to give their lives for this country."

The king lectured him saying.

"That's very true but that alone is not enough, you must be able to see the future. I can see the future Mordecai, that’s why you have put your trust in me. But even I am a man, continue to trust me but watch me, if I ever stray from my path do what is necessary to protect the people and this country."

" I will my lord."

"You'll begin the training of a special group of youth I've heard, is that true?"

"It is."

"Train them to be strong so they might protect your child and my people. You are dismissed my general."

“Yes my lord”

Mordecai returned home and began to look over the the scroll Solomon had given him, the list was extensively detailed there were young men from all over the kingdom some were children of war lords and some children of slaves. Five stood out to mordecai but one in particular was slightly more interesting, William Rothchild. He was from the small land of Hibernia, it was taken control over by a battalion Mordicai lead himself. All the men that had a branding around their wrist of a sun were killed. That was the symbol to mark their warriors. The inhabitants were taken in as slaves. William Rothchild had worked in mines harvesting coppze, a rare mineral used to make metal that negates ruke. He later became the overseer of the mines. The owner eventually noticed his ability in battle when bandits tried to raid the mines and he single handedly killed them all. The owner then offered him his freedom and he came to work for him as his personal guard. During this time he worked with several mercenaries. Hired to kill groups of bandits and restore order to radical villages, William was said to be a hound of death. Mordicai rubbed his eyes after reading out loud for several hours, his wife Rose had taken a seat and had been listening. Mordicai looked over to her and asked.

“You’ve heard enough, what do you think of Solomon's choices?”

“They sound amazing like characters from a fairy tail and these are the boys you’r going to train?”

“Yea, get ready for me to leave ok and know I’ll be thinking of you every day that I am gone.”

That night they held each other tighter than normal. Before they both knew it the day of his departure had arrived. Mordecai gathered his belongings in preparation to leave. He embraced his wife carrying their unborn child with a hug.

“I’ll be back in a year, take care of my child.”

“ I will my love, remember the forest is dangerous, watch after your men and keep each other safe.”

“I’ll do what I can and I’ll bring back an artemis for us to eat if I get lucky.”

With that he left for the base of the mountain.

Feb. 24 STOP

A group of 50 men ranging from their early teens to their late twenty's stood their heads raised high as they prepared for their first day of training.

"My name is Mordecai but you shall call me lord, you will say yes my Lord and No my Lord. Today we will go over the basics of Ruke and how it can be used, I will  then begin to train you once you appreciate what you are capable of. So let me ask can any of you name the 6 chambers where Ruke resides In you?"

A young boy around the age of 20 spoke up. " Yes my Lord the chambers are Jinn, Oray, Stolas, Jequn, Uriel and Nakir."

"That is correct and do you know the basic functions of Ruke?"

"Yes my Lord, to soften, liquefy, harden, add and subtract weight from an object."

"Yes those are the basic functions but let's simplify it.  Ruke is the ability to change the state of matter in an object. What's your name child"

"Yes My Lord, I am William Rothchild."

" congratulations William, you will be a unit's squad commander, make sure to earn it."

Ruke is the ability to change the structure of atoms in an object. You can make things harder and softer, lighter or heavier using ruke.

Rules for ruke

Rule 1 Ruke over used causes fatigue and pain.

Rule 2  ruke comes from six chambers in the torso.

Rule 3 Ruke must be mixed with the particle deus in order for it to work.

Rule 4 denser objects are often harder to manipulate with ruke.

Rule 5 Ruke infects objects for a limited time according to the amount of ruke put into the object.

Rule 6 Overpowering someone's ruke with your own can result in what is called harmonizing or taking over an infected object.

Mordecai took a look at his men and yelled intimidatingly.

“You have been sent to train under me because I am the best. Most of you are spoiled brats, I will break you and change you. since you are now trying to become a Akkabish there are only two ways for you to be remembered after death, die in battle and receive a gravestone or to rise above your fellow soldier and have your name marked in history, there is no room in history for the weak or timid in times of war, may we come back with are swords held high in victory or may we die. We head to the forest now, if you can't keep up with me, you will be left and for every man we lose you all will receive 40 lashes. Those who fall behind and don’t die will wish they had and should not have been here in the first place.”

Mordecai’s pack on his back started to float. Mordecai smirked.

“Keep up if you can.”

With his first step the ground crunched and he ran as if he was on the wind.

the trainees all leapt after him, with William Rothchild in the front. William thought to himself the way he uses his ruke to go so fast is incredible. It looks like there are about five us that can keep up at all but how things are going even we will lose sight of him. Even if we did manage to follow, we would be beaten to death.


“William, I’m Ryker, I have an idea but I need your help.”

Ryker told William his idea.

“Alright let’s do it Ryker.”

“When I get close to Mordecai you know what to do.”

Ryker lept ahead toward Mordecai.

“Alright that looks close enough to me.”

William opens up his vest, lining the inside were over 40 needles. Grabbing four of them and throwing them at Mortdecai. The needles easily rip through trees but were easily dodged. Mordecai notices small threads connected to the needles. Mordecai thought to himself. It looks like he’s trying to lure me into an ambush on the left but that would only work if someone could get ahead of me but I guess I’ll play along and see if they’ve figured out how to win this game. Just then Ryker passed Mordecai and William threw four more needles to mordecai's left, sticking him in a tunnel made of razor sharp tread. Ryker running ahead of Mordecai in the tunnel swings his body to face Mordecai and touches the ground, Using ruke he turns the ground into a floating, watery gel, the liquid hits Mordecai soaking him. William turns his tread to water and Ryker retreated.

“William I got him I can feel my ruke that’s on him, continue to follow him just in case, I’ll go back and make sure everyone is going in the right direction.”

“Alright see you soon”

Mordecai thought to himself. Ryker Alger he’s fast but the way he put the water on me to track me was sloppy, even an idiot would know he was being tracked but those two boys did find the best way to win this challenge, most people would be too afraid to attack a general and only a small group would have followed me allowing me to dismiss the majority of their punishment and only have them receive 40 lashes but they might just bring everyone with them.  

Rules of ruke, smaller and distant objects are easier to harmonize with and take control from an enemy.

“It looks like the majority of you made it back I’ll have to count you to be sure but well done. I’ll now introduce you to your five squad commanders during training, come forward when your name is called- William Rothchild, Ryker Alger, Anzo Daichi, Naal Abbot and Kaie Gyes. These are your squad commanders they are responsible for you, You will listen to them as long as what they say does not contradict me.

 Mordecai begins to count the men and shakes his head with disapprovement.

He took out five wips from his pack.

“One of your men has gone missing everyone except the squad commanders take off your shirt and lay on the ground with your hands above your head. For the new squad commanders, five new wips. Forty lashes no more no less. Now take care of your men and then I’ll take care of your punishment.”

“yes my Lord”

the commanders all walked toward their respective group, the whips the commanders held were a shorter version of a  single-tailed whip. they all hesitated but Anzo Daichi acted first giving the rest the courage to act. As they were being beaten Mordicai mocked them if anyone showed a sign of pain or fatigue. Mordecai applied the lashes to the commanders with a cat of eight tails each tail representing their men.

Mordecai went before his men that were still bleeding.

“If any of you want to leave this will be your last chance but remember your vow to only leave in death, you took before you came to this place but if you must leave come sit beside me.”  

eight of them came forward and sat next to him.

“You eight have a choice now, be executed and keep your honor or to be branded, losing your name and honor but you will live. If you would like to retain your honor raise your hands. You seven will be executed at sunrise and your bodies will be given to your familys who will be told you lost your life in an honorable way. As for you you’ll be branded as soon as we get the fire going Haru.”

“I won’t die and I won’t loose my name.”

Haru attacked Mordecai using a Knife, Mordecai dodged to the right and then grabbed his head while spinning, throwing him. blood went through the air and Haru was dead before he hit the ground.

“He died the moment my hand touched him, all I had to do is force my own ruke into his body his natural ruke rejects the foreign ruke and pressure built up internally, in this case I applied just enough to crush his brain. keep this in mind in battle. We don’t have much light left at all, now that we’ve lost eight men break up into groups of six and let’s get a camp set up and a fire started so we can burn this body!”

“Yes my Lord”

The men got to work making coned shaped structures with the use of their ruke and the ground around them, all the structures were connected with small tunnels to the fire pit they circled. the building of this, lasted well into the night, in this time squads were able to make their first introductions and impressions on each other.  In William Rothchild’s group there was  Connor REUBEN, ZEB ULON, GAD Tiarnan, Nail Falls, Asher Kahba and Kashto Mond.

Ryker Alger had Liam Coy, Tiarnan Namara, Diarmuid Donnelly, Houi Duzy, Khons Asaf and Jase Gray.

Anzo Daichi team was  Acher Gerlis, Azibo Kershen, Massui Abisha, Nunu Makis, Kevin Typhon and NAPHTALI Lynch.

Naal Abbot had under him Seamus Schlesinger, Deaglan Brasch, Malachi Ballin, JOSEPH Crilly, BENJAMIN Doyle and Eoghan Wassermann.

Kaie Gyes team was made up of JUDAH Byrne, Simeon Keogh, Aidan Braheem, Brendan Har-khebu, Eamon Uahbra and Ciaran Yanis.

That first night everyone was so exhausted half of them didn’t remember lying down. Morning came fast the commanders were woken up first and instructed to have their units outside within five minutes to witness the execution. The seven men were already outside kneeling on the ground with two small things of fabric laying in front of them. Mortdecai walked behind the man on the far right. all the soldiers straightened their bodies and raised their heads in a sign of respect.

“Eythan Tolkon please put the fabric into your nose, look up towards the heavens and cross your arms. Today you meet your creator the one true god, may he have mercy on your soul, your honor and name reside with your family, sleep well.”

Mordecai places his hand palm up to the back of Eythan’s head and so his head fell and he died along with Cian Dabi, Akira Aniu, Hespu Yuya, Sato Elliott, Mori Madu,Kuper Katz.

“ For now we will wrap the bodies in tree cloth and make a holding locker to put them in, then in four days time a group of men will come down from the city to retrieve the bodies. Jase Gray your records stood out for your former medical training but you all received some knowledge in basic military training please treat your wounds from yesterday and have Jase look over your treatment so you don’t die from infection, after that get to work, we head out for training in two hours.”

“Yes my lord.”

Jase instructed the teams to retrieve sap, heat it over the fire and mix charcoal into it to making a glue which would be added to clean fabric and applied to the worst lacerations, after the application of alcohol to the entire back. The first two teams to finish their treatment were Kaie Gyes’s and Ryker Alger’s groups. The two went into the woods and using ruke began to craft a silk like material from the bark of trees. There was four straps made for all six wraps to secure the bodys in. The rest of the teams worked on a holding cell for the bodies and before the two hours were up it was done but only within minutes of the dead line. There was one incosisdenci William Rothchild he had been beaten with the cat of eight tails yesterday yet he didn’t have a single wound on him. Mordecai thought to himself seeing this, what is this boy?

Rules of ruke, ruke is directly affected by the users mental, emotional and physical strength.    

The year had passed and the men began to act more like the elite soldiers they had vowed to become, their bonds became stronger then words and their understanding of how to work together and kill became incomparable. All of this was only possible by the blood, sweat, and knowledge that Mordeicai had forced upon them. They all felt both great respect, honor and fear towards their lord but most of all Mordecai had changed, William had given him something he hadn't had in long time hope and admiration, the same feeling he had towards Alexander, it was a fire he felt coming from them, the passion of a fighter and he was a simple moth drawn in by the light. Without even realizing it Mordicai had made William Rothchild his disciple and friend.

Mordecai spoke.   

“Good morning, Today is the last day you’ll be stuck here with me in this hell hole as of tomorrow you will be the best of the best, you will be Akkabish, you will be asked to do tasks no other team could do so the first thing I would like you to do is when you finally do leave this place and get home you have to kiss your woman, if you don’t have one get one, I’m talking to you Malachi, we all know what you’ve been doing behind that bush. Alright enough laughing, today we're going kill a artemis and tonight we drink wine.”

“My lord why are we hunting on our last day we have plenty of pelts and meat?”

“because Asher my wife asked me to bring one back, anymore questions?”

“No my lord.”

“Great, fifty pushups.”

“Yes my lord.”

“William your group heads out as soon Asher finishes his push ups, the rest of us leave now and meet back heer before dusk, let’s have some fun.”

The four teams dispersed separately into the woods, Mordecai also went his own way. Kaie Gyes team looking for a good spot to post up for the hunt but smelled meat cooking. Kaie spoke with his squad.

“Someone else is this far out in the woods, we all know no one was out here yesterday, were going to investigate, for now we move slow and keep down.”

Everyone noded.

When they got in view of the campsite they saw what they were smelling burning over the fire it was the smell of human bodies. Kaie thought to himself normal protocol would be to be send someone back to camp to alert the others while the rest of us stay hidden until we can confirm the enemy's location but no one is at camp right now, is it really worth losing another man right now without even knowing anything, no I’m overthinking this, I don’t know anything I don’t even know the circumstance of these bodies for all I know they could just have been disease stricken. Alright I know what to do.  

Aidan I’m sending you back to camp, we should meet back up with you soon but go ahead and put some of your ruke in this dirt and put it in my coin purse so you’ll be able to track me later if you need to. Simeon I’m sending you to investigate  as soon as soon as Aidan leaves, if you don’t find anything were leaving.”

Aidan smirked and remarked  

“Looks like I have the easy job, I’ll see you guys in a little.”

Aidan left while unknowingly being followed.

Simeon went down to the camp with the burning bodies and found a black thing of armor with an insignia on it of two foxes eating each other by the tail. The symbol was famous, it was Set’s symbol the god and king of Irkalla. Simeon had heard stories from the war that Set’s soldiers were monsters that killed and destroyed everything regardless of rank or value.

Suddenly Simeon heard a voice “it’s just as the prophet said a blond haired man with blue eyes.” simon tried to move but the enemies black double sword severed his head the head’s severed body fell to it’s knees, the torso fell to the ground and the blood spilling out from the neck.

the rest of the team looked in horror upon their foe, tears swelling in their eyes with both anger and grief. The enemy was thin and wore all black the only armor was on his forearm, he didn’t have on any shoes,  his hair was short and white, his right eye was green like the angry ocean and his other eye was completely black with a milky green mist swimming in it. The team all pulled out rocks from their nap sacks that they had been manipulating with their ruke for months. Kaie whispered.

“Their might be others in the woods, once we kill him, we reposition.”

The white haired man dressed in black looked directly at the team and said loudly.

“So are you going to look at me all day or are you going to kill me already.”

The team all flung there stones at him but it was as if he knew the moment the throws were going to take place and exactly where the stones would go and easily stepped out of the way of every stone.  the team fled to repositioned themselves.  

Kaie thought to himself impossible those stones were flying around 3,000 feet per second to react is far out of the limits of a human, there has to be a trick to it but more importantly is he really alone, once I know that for sure, I’ll know what to do.

Rules of ruke after an object is infected by ruke it can be manipulated even without the user touching it.

As soon as they got out of sight Kaie told the group his plan.

“It looks like he’s alone but we need to confirm it, we need to break up and then join back up at a point we are all familiar with if there are others they will have to give away themselves if they plan to continue to tail us all. As soon as he is in sight we split up.”  

The sound of rustling got louder until the white haired man dressed in black  was in front of them..

Rules of ruke, a dead body normally loses ruke immediately but if they don’t they can be used as a explosive.

the team split up running as fast as they could through the forest, Kaie was followed by the man with white hair.

The other three nether had or sensed any pursuers.

Kaie thought to himself it looks like he’s the only one following me right now, if that’s the case I’m going to kill him here and have my revenge.

Kaie stopped and turned his head towards the white haired man, Kaie’s eyes were that of a demon, his blood lust was enough to make it seem like the whole world had disappeared and only the two existed.

Kaie put everything he had in his first  step on his left leg toward his enemy the ground broke beneath him, his leg tore , blood spit out and he moved faster than sound, leaving a sonic boom behind him. He knew his enemy wouldn’t be able to hear his words but still they poured out.

“Die you piece of trash.”    

Kaie’s hand inches away from the face of white haired man their eyes met in passing the man smiled as Kaie flew past him, using his legs to stop he plowed into the ground but his injured leg gave out and he toppled over himself and skipped like a stone on water. Kaie finally came to a stop hitting a tree his right arm had completely came out of socket and twisted breaking the bone which now was sticking out, minor scrapes covered his head and back. Kaie grunted as he got to his feet, his breathing became very heavy and his vision was blurred, as he looked around the enemy came and spoke at him.

“It's just as the prophet said  you people really are Monsters even though I can see ruke you almost killed me, you definitely gave me a scare though, tell me if you would have touched me with that much condensed ruke what would have happened?”

Kaie thought to himself that’s how he was able to avoid our attacks he was able to see are ruke and predict what we were going to do by the way we have been using it at a distance. If I would have fought this guy up close I probably could have won easily but right now I’ll have to bluff to survive.

“You’re an idiot, you just gave me all the information I need to kill you, so don’t worry I’ll repay the favor and  tell you what I can do with this hand, anything this hand touches disappears.”  

“Really let’s test it then.”

The white haired man dressed in black ripped off his left forearm protector and ran towards kaie throwing the forearm protector at Kaie’s face and went to stab him. Kaie completely erase the armor but could no longer hold up his arm afterwards, the white haired man stabbed him in his the stomach Kaie’s eyes bulged, blood poured out of his mouth as he yelled, he flailed his hand towards the man’s head but it only made it to the shoulder. The hand went two inches into his shoulder before the man with white hair grabbed his wrist and looked him in the eye and said softly.

“it’s over. I want you to know the prophet said If I hadn’t killed you here, you would have taken my life later on, sleep now warior.”

Kaie’s body went limp as he uttered his last words.

“I’m sorry.”

Kaie’s team had been waiting for him for nearly an hour in their stomach they knew something had gone wrong but no one could speak, let alone move, just a small trembling rushed through body like electricity.

Rules of ruke- if two people simultaneously try to force ruke into on one another the ruke will repel and cancel itself out.

Ryker ran into Kaie’s men, could visibly see they were distressed and found out about everything.

Ryker commanded the team.

“You're coming back to the to camp with me, we will wait for mordecai and then we’ll see what orders he gives. We lost friends today but for now let’s suck it up.”

once Mordecai and the other teams found out, Mordicai gave his assessment.

“The man you ran into today is called the white fox he’s said to be rkalla’s strongest warrior besides set himself and because of that reason we will neater retrieve their bodies or presu the enemy.”

Aidan spoke up.

“With all do respect my lord Kaie’s alive, he’s not moving but I have faith the enemy has simply captured him.”

“I hope so but my orders remain, we have lost anuff men today, even if it was just Simeon who obtained glory, I tend to have you lose your lives differently, do you understand.”

Aidan replied choked up.

“yes my lord.”

Aidan knew in his heart that was an order he couldn’t listen to. that night he woke up the other five and they left following Aidan and his ruke. William followed them from the shadows as commanded by Mordicai who told him to allow them to retrieve the bodies but if they should encounter the white fox stop them from attacking. William thought to himself if I do see the white fox can I keep myself from attacking him?  

Rules of ruke- the longest ruke can infect a object without reapplication is 72 hours.

the team came to the end of the trail and found the mangled remains of their captain the energy was zapped from there bodys they all kneeled around the body and began to pray. As they prayed william felt as if he was being watched he turned and then he heard a loud explosion his ears rang violently when he turned back around Kaie’s whole team was dead, Kaie’s body had been used as an explosive. William felt the blade of a knife push up against his neck slightly cutting the skin, a woman's voice spoke to him.

“I have a message for you from the white fox, if you want revenge William Rothchild meet me on the battlefield, Set is coming for you humans and he won’t leave a single one of you alive.”

William thought to himself, how do they know my name? suddenly his vision foged and he blacked out.

the white fox came out of the shadows looking down on William and muttered

“So this is the messiah, the boy who Set has decided will carry the future on his back, the perfect pawn.”

the woman soldier named Femi looked over at her master the white fox and noticed the wound on his shoulder.

“My master you’ve been injured, let me treat you.”

“Femi don’t worry about me now or in death, my days will soon come to an end but you will live on for me, remember that.”

When William awoke his enemies had left long ago but the sun had yet to rise. His heart was broken with grief and he began to weep bitterly, pleading to god to bring back his dead companions, that this isn’t what he wanted, that he should have known and saved them.

In the morning it began to snow. When William had made it back to camp no one had to ask what had happened his eyes told the tale in vivid detail. That day the elite soldiers returned home with Mordecai missing seven friends.

Rules of ruke- objects manipulated by someone’s ruke for a long period of time our harder to harmonize with.

The soldiers that survived were welcomed home by their family and friends. Mordecai was able to give his wife the meat from the artemis and meet his new son, Adam. the little bit of hair he had was curly like Mordecai's but bright blond like his mother's. he had beautiful blue eyes and as Mordicai looked into those eyes Mordecai knew he loved this child more than himself. That night the Akkabish were invited to celebrate with the king at the palace. At arrival they were searched and brought into the dining room the table was made out of pure diamond and the food filled the table completely except for where the wine was placed. The King came and sat and everyone else took a seat but still seven seats remaind. The King looking at those seven seats took a sip of his wine, turned towards Mordecai and began to speak softly but strongly.

“Mordicai I’ve been filled in by your report on the matter of what has happened and I’m concerned, theis are supposedly the kingdom's most powerful and deadly soldiers and seven of them were killed by one man and William Rothchiled who you said in your reports could be your successor was almost killed by a woman. Mordicai we need strong men because the nations around us are larger, We have an army of a little over 30,00 soldiers, Set has 60,000 men, maybe more and Ami has over 100,000 men, even ogma has at least 40,000 men. I need every one of my soldiers to be able to kill at least four men themselves. Mordica you are worth a thousand men on the battlefield, so tell me what are these men worth?”

“My lord if I am worth 1,000 men then the each of the Akkabish are worth 10 thousand, each one of these units is an army and in time they will prove themselves.”

“If the man that killed your group was no other than the white fox himself I would not let this matter slide but since I have faith in you, I’ll put my faith in the Akkabish. Men let us be Drink and eat till joy fills us.”

During the meal William whispered to Mordicai.

“My lord I know you’ve trained us but still I want to grow stronger and wiser, my mind just can’t escape that even now, is there anything that can be done.”

Mordecai's eyes shind with excitement.

“William you really are everything that is human, you are truly beautiful and because of that you will acquire the strength you desire, your strength will eclipse my own and you’ll make this world interesting. Once I finish training you and we have conquered this world we have to have a fight, so I can see your strength.”

“You can give me more training?”

“I can and training only someone like you can handle.”

Connor was slightly drunk but managed to slur out criticism towards Mordicai and William.  

“You two are too serious, you need to drink, more wine and be joyful, like the king said.”

Mordicai looked at Connor and sternly retorted.

“You bring shame on all of us you foul. William take him home.”

Mordecai bowed towards the king and apoligised.

“My lord I think we have burdened you long unoff, thank you for your hospitality my lord, we will take our leave.”

“Yes everyone shall head home except you Mordicai, I have one last matter to speak with you about.”

“Yes my lord.”

After everyone except the king and Mordicai had left, the king walked up to a picture hanging on the wall of a father giving a scroll to his son. the king seemed enveloped by it, as if he was looking out at the night sky.

“Mordicai let me tell you about this picture it’s been in my family for over four generations, it represents that our own wisdom is not something that should be horded but refined. The reason a scroll is given to the son is to represent these ideas affecting many generations to come because some ambitions can’t be accomplished in one generation. Mordicai I plan on building an empire greater than any man has ever known, a paradise but if I should lose my life, Solomon has became my retainer to keep these Ideas alive. The reason I say this to you is because the war has already started, even as we speak our warriors fight with the dark soldier of Irkalla. I would like you to show me the skill of the Akkabish in battle and then once they have proven themselves I will give them their own  battalion to use as they please. you will have less than a month befor you leave ready your men.”

“Yes my lord.”

Rules of ruke- The user's blood contains their ruke and can be used to harmonise with objects.

’In Irkalla, in the throne room of Set, the white fox was in a state of prostration towards the dark figure sitting on the throne, that was Set, next to him was a short man that wore strange clothing, he had white hair, pale skin and had orange glowing eyes.

Set spoke to the white fox.

“You have done well killing Ami’s spies that had infiltrated Mordecai's circle. Now that he’s lost his foothold he should be willing negotiate with us, Also did you bring the man I asked for?”

The White fox yelled

“bring him in!”

Two men brought in a chained man with a bag over his head, they forced him to the ground and ripped off the bag, the man had red hair and purple eyes. Set stood and commanded them to bring the man forward. Set and the man looked at eachother face to face and it was as if they were looking into a mirror. Set smiled and said to the chained man.

“Soon, you’ll be me.”        

The man gave a look of disgust and said slowly and clearly.

“I would rather die.”

Set commanded the white fox to leave and began to intimidate the chained man.

“That’s alright, Micah, you can die if you would like but would you like your family to die also. You’ll listen to me or I will kill your family. If you do what I say, you’ll live like a king and your family continues on as they have. But don’t worry you're going to be great at being me, the guards will take you away for now and later you’ll learn how to act like me. Remember to have fun with it, you are an actor now.”

The men took Micah away. Set looked towards the short orange eyed man named Aries and asked.

“Will I have any trouble with him?”

“I don’t see a future of him being a threat to you but if you push him to hard, he’ll try to commit suicide but I know you’ll be careful as always.”

Set swirled the wine in his glass and looked at it as if in contemplation. He stated rigidly.

“I’ll do what’s necessary.”    

Outside the white fox talked to his three students. Femi Alastor was the youngest of the students. She was only 18 but had Trained in stealth and assassination under her family her whole life. By the time she was 14 she already had over 100 kills under her, now that she was 18 she had nearly 700. she had long black silky hair, brown eyes and was desirable to men.  the next to oldest at 20 was Lamia Azazel. He was an orphan that was taken in as an infant by the white fox, he fought in the last war and became known as the blood line ender, he had silver eyes and faded brown hair, his weapon was spiked chains that had a L shaped knife at one end and a handle at the other, with the use of ruke he could use the chain as a sword.  the oldest was 23 his name was Gahiji Rigel he grew up as an hunter in a neighboring village and was later recruited. He kept a dozen spears strapped to his back which he was accurate with up to a hundred yards. his appearance was of a noble and he had black hair and golden eyes.

The white fox looked into Femi’s eyes intensely and spoke sweetly toward her.

“Femi am I your master?”

“I will have no other, I swear my life to you.”

“Come back from Lazarus saifly, you’ll be sneaking into the king's chambers so be careful remember put your life above all else.”

“By the time I get back perhaps the future will change and you will have conquered this world my master.”

Lamia interrupted and irritatedly said.

“Alright that’s all I can take, please, I really miss the cries of the battlefield, can we leave? our army is waiting on us. By the time we make it to the battle everyone might already be dead and that would be boring.”

Femi went her way and the white fox, Lamia and Gahiji went theirs.

Rules of ruke. depending on how a user unleashes their ruke into an object it can affect the outside of that object creating a raidious effect. If focused it can also be pushed into an object. These effects are interchangeable at will and can be used at the same time.  

Nearly a month had past since the Akkabish had gotten home in that time Solomon had been working with them in additional tactics and Mordecai had been working with William Rothchild.

Mordecai and William Spared in an isolated area outside of the city.

They both held their swords tightly and stood their ground, waiting for the other to move. William lifted his leg to charge. Mordicai created a wall separating the two before William could reach him. William took a deep breath and quickly harmonized with the wall and by pushing it spikes shot out at Mordecai who had already stepped back. Mordecai had put ruke into the ground he had been standing on. He used this to create a spear like objects from the ground that came up at william who cut and dodged the spikes heading towards him. William moved to the left using the wall as cover but Mordecai had predicted his movement and their swords clashed. At this point sweat was pouring down Williams face. William began to swinging fast and powerful attacks, one after the other. Mordecai continued to parry every blow while moving back and with one blow Mordicai disarmed William. A fierce glare shined in William’s eyes suddenly as he took his hand and place it on Mordecai’s head. Mordecai was able to see what was about to happen used his ruke to nullify William’s. He then forcefully put his blade to his neck. William’s hands fell to his side as he glared at Mordecai.

Mordecai spoke to him as his blade still pushed up against Williams neck.

“Stand down for now, I understand I have brought you pain but I promise, if it’s revenge you want, I will give you an opportunity to have it.”

Mordecai sheathed his sword and explained to William.

“I’ve known you hated me since the moment your eyes met with mine. I invaded your home but still you’re someone I don’t want to kill yet. Follow me till this war is over and then take your revenge.”

Williams head was complacently bowed his sweat still slowly trickled down his face,as he nodded. William raised his head and looked at Mordecai and gravely said.

“Yes my Lord and I’m sorry, I got emotional.”

Mordecai chuckled, while saying.

“We are both enemy and friends, it’s splendid. You certainly know how to keep me entertained. Please continue in your exploits on the battlefield.”  

Mordecai took william's sword off the ground and handed it to him. callously saying.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

That night a scout came to the capital to alert the king that Set’s forces were approaching Kekona, an important farming and silo (grain storage) town to the country.

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